We’re not your average gym.

We believe in balance. Not just saying it, but truly living it. We know what it’s like to work long hours. From moving kegs around, carrying cases of beer and shouldering full trays. To bending down to listen to that third grader and his wild storytelling. To carting around the cases and emotional load of social work. We know you’re trying to do it all and that sometimes it’s hard. Because you also like cake. And ice cream tastes amazing. And tequila? Well it’s part of our life too. This is why we created Tequila & Deadlifts. We needed a way to find the balance between living and lifting.

We’re here to help you build that balance. We believe in functional fitness. The kind of fitness you need to handle day-to-day life. The “Everyday Strength.” To enjoy the cake and the hard work and to celebrate all the victories in between. We’ll teach you how to lift the heavy stuff properly, so that you also know how to put it down and walk away. We’re not just going to build muscle, we’re going to build a mindset. No diets, no fads, no extremes- just consistency and support with your goals and training journey. We’re going to show you how you too can be balanced and badass.

Will you join us? 

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The Gym


We’re not here to take your paycheck. We want to help you get healthy. Our pricing structure is designed to be affordable. No membership fee or contracts required. Just common courtesy and a desire to work together on your health goals.

One-on-One Training

Perfect for the individual just starting out or the more focused goal setter who prefers a 1-on-1 experience. Personalized programming to suit your goals with additional nutritional guidance and healthy mindset focus. Package purchasing available to make consistency easy.

Small Group Training

Better with a buddy? Train with friends, family or coworkers and use team based workouts to keep you motivated and on track. Each team member will receive individual nutrition and lifestyle consults. Limited to five people at a time.

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