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Ready- Esterly, Jung Youth

If you haven't noticed by now- my blog posts titles are songs I'm currently listening to. A lot of that has to do with Spotify and their discover weekly playlists.

10 weeks of prep culminated in an awesome show day on September 8th at the OCB Battle for Tidewater. It's my first show day in two years and my first in a tested federation. I made the switch because I'm tired of competing against others who are willing to "go the extra mile" so to speak in a sport where the building is supposed to be the main focus. 


I'm a dedicated gym-goer- I am not dedicated enough to use additional supplementation to succeed. I rarely even use protein powder anymore, switched to whole foods quite a while ago and I found Crystal Light to be a better alternative and way cheaper to BCAA's. 

I worked with @SwoleSarah, or Sarah Moorman for this prep. We had a weekly training guides and macros and I checked in with her every other day if I had questions or concerns. I am currently training quite a few people myself, and my brain doesn't have the bandwidth to check myself throughout a prep period when I have them to focus on. 


It was a slow process and while I placed third and am still waiting to have feedback from the judges- I felt pretty great about the package I brought to the stage. My feedback from NPC was always that my legs/butt were too big for my body shape, they wanted a leaner and tighter look. OCB is traditionally a more natural focused look, so I didn't expect to have to be as lean as NPC requires. I will say that I definitely felt more muscular than the majority of my bikini competition overall. I wasn't as "tiny" as the other ladies. 



I could definitely work on my posing the next few weeks and my T-walk. It was the first time implementing that in my stage presence. My posing could be tweaked to make my waist appear smaller, my midsection is a bit thicker from the amount of deadlifting I do. I could decrease it- but that means being less strong. And I don't care enough about competing for that. I want a 300lb. deadlift more than a skinnier waist. But overall- I felt really, absolutely wonderful. And I brought home 3rd place in Novice B and Open C. 

*I apologize in advance that you're going to see a lot of my butt in the next photo*



I didn't do any absurd cardio hours, but I do think I could add a bit more in over the next few weeks. We also didn't do any insane dieting, which was a big part of the discussion over prep in general. I love being in shape- but I have health boundaries I wont cross. And I love having a coach that respects that. I definitely had muscle and a body I was proud to show off. 



I had an incredibly supportive and wonderful prep too. My parents, siblings, friends and significant other were all on board. My friend and fellow competitor, Gigi, joined me for show to help glue my bikini on and nail my posing. She was an absolute champion. My coworkers, loved ones and friends joined me out to celebrate. I ate cupcakes and fried rice and a ton of shrimp and chicken tenders and a charcuterie board and two ice cream sandwiches. And now I'm back on the grind. And ready for the normalcy of foods I love and exercise.


I have 5 weeks until the OCB Chesapeake Classic in Baltimore, MD. And I'm ready to be done with the season after that. I promised myself that 16 weeks of dieting would be the max amount I'd do for the year.  I refuse to diet through my anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holidays are important, being present for family and friends is important. Dieting and competing needs to find it's place in your life- not be your whole life. I have a gym to open. And a life to live.

I guess we shall see what I look like 5 weeks from now. Honestly I can't wait. Thanks to everyone who has followed along and been a great supporter along the way. You make all of this more fun!