Canyon- Glded

I'm a list maker. I like to write them, with the idea of crossing items off the list. But I write each to-do item down and check the list off mentally.

Every time I check something off, something new pops up. Another item to address as I continue down this path. I have a lot of moments where I tuck my head between my hands and try not to hyperventilate.

I've met with a graphic designer and I'm hyper focused on the logo and image I want to convey. The kind of story I want to tell. When I discuss the name Tequila and Deadlifts, I always get a few questions. Is it a bar? Why Tequila? Isn't that counterintuitive?



I work in the restaurant industry and I watch people on their feet every single day, I also watch people pick up cases of beer with a rounded back and hurt their shoulders moving 160 lb. kegs. It's an industry that also enjoys a few drinks after works, and I am someone who loves a great tequila cocktail or even just a great sipping tequila. And I love to exercise.

I believe in a balanced mindset. I don't want to be an all or nothing approach to fitness and I know the majority of people I work with do imbibe. I'm not saying alcoholism, I'm saying adults make their choices and I want to support that fitness journey and find the right balance between play and health.

I want to be representative of my business. I am so exhausted by the constant "all or nothing" approaches of the current fitness industry. We push competition, speed, "no excuses" and "no days off" when we, as fitness professionals, know so much better. 

I do not expect an all or nothing approach to health, I do expect those that work with me to give their all on programming and to take the work we do in the gym seriously.  

I plan to focus my gym on those that need it most, because training in and of itself is often classist. It's expensive. Often times big box gyms lock clients into contracts, and when tragedies happen or life gets overwhelming, a client is paying for a service they cannot possibly use or getting sent to auditors for bad credit because they refuse to allow them out of a contracted agreement. There will be no contracts, just pre-purchased punchcards for 5 or 10 sessions. I'll have a cancellation policy that will be very clear and handled situationally. I am not trying to punish anyone, I want every client I train with to succeed. 

My pricing is going to be incredibly fair, especially for those in careers that require a hell of a lot of emotional output and have very little financial support. Teachers, Social workers, restaurant workers- you will find affordable training here. I'll do small group training as well, up to 5 at a time, in the case that you would like to work out with friends or co-workers and keep your team accountable. 

I'm going to especially focus on women in lifting. The ones who are intimidated or afraid to step into a weight room. The ones who've been told that dieting is a way of living and there is nothing else. The ones who still think cardio is the only way to lose weight and that weight loss is the only thing they should focus on. I'll be here to help you find your confidence in the gym, that no matter what you walk into you know your way around, that you have a strength inside that can only continue to grow, and that cardio is fun but lifting really heavy weight is fun too.

I'm not just building a gym. I'm building a mindset. A community. A balance.