Crazy Dreams - Smash Cast

I have a morning ritual. I wake up and throw clothes on and walk the dog, I make her food and wait while my coffee drips slowly through the pot. I look forward to it, a cup of coffee and a few moments of silence in a hectic day. Usually, I have to chug it and make my way to my first appointment, but occasionally, I get some real down time and allow myself to think.

I collect coffee mugs from places I've visited. Vegas, New Orleans. I have ones with Courage burned into the mug and a worn favorite that tells me: "You're my person." A tablespoon of creamer, no more, to be topped off with the liquid black gold that jump starts my brain. These little rituals are small in the grand scheme of things, but they keep me centered when my life is in flux.

And today is a day of flux. I'm making some big changes. I'm leaping and hoping I hit the ground running. 

This building here: This is the new home of Tequila & Deadlifts. Where I will live the mantra of, "Live more. Do more." Where I will teach others to be balanced and badass. 



I've got quite a bit already to start. Bands and ropes and medicine balls. Small weights. And tonight, I am getting in a car tonight to make the drive where I'll pick up my 2 squat racks and 2 bars and multiple weights and benches in a few hours. A treadmill beside them. And behind this open door will be my square of the warehouse floor, where I will help others find their strength and their joy in the gym the way I found mine. 

When I started my journey in fitness in 2011, I was struck by the need for training in every Group X classroom and in every avenue of career path. Whether you sit all day or stand- proper form and technique will change your life for the better. As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I often see my coworkers injure themselves with carrying kegs, or lift cases of beer with their back. I watch family and friends start on their own personal training journey only to get slammed back because the cost was just too much.

I want to help people. That's it. That's all I've ever wanted. And this studio will be about exactly that. I'm going to train those who can't afford traditional training, the people I work with each day who need the guidance and will benefit from it most. I'll be a trainer by day and continue to be a bartender at night. And I'll have a smattering of marketing projects on the side. Because I think you can have it all- you can work the careers that make you the most happy. And so I'm leaping.

4 weeks from now there will be a small studio in this space. And I'll be living my own crazy dream.