Starting from scratch is pretty much the absolute worst. Trying to rebuild your business and your brand is a daunting task. One I've haphazardly worked on for over 6 months.

The fear of failure is ever present.

And something always happens to get in the way. Work, clients, a sick dog that needs medication and so on and so forth. The money put aside for logo design or website work has to be repurposed and the entire project placed on the backburner.

But you have to get out of your own way right? You have to sometimes struggle and just leap a little bit. You have to finagle and use your resources correctly so you can do what you need.

And so here I am. Launching my first new website in 5 years.

I'm excited and I also kind of feel like I'm going to throw up. Because I love what I do, and I want to do more of it. And it's scary to have that kind of faith in your abilities and your passions and be willing to make that your full-time career. 

And I still have some steps to complete, items to fix, paperwork to fill out, logos to design, etc. But I took the leap, I've made the first step. 

I chose the word Ubuntu to launch this blog because it represents so much to me. First, I am South African by birth, and Ubuntu is a Nguni word meaning humanity. But it's grown into something so much more and today, when translated, it means: "I am what I am because of who we all are."

In RVA, I have been surrounded by a supportive community. From accidental friendships forged by many run-ins, to coworkers, professors, friends and family- my career has been built by word of mouth and the connections I've built over the years. I am what I am because of who we all are, I have the faith in my worth, in my work, in my ability and my community, because of the chorus of support from others in the same boat. RVA has become Ubuntu for me, and in that I was given the courage to step forward. 

And I'm excited to take on this next chapter, with bigger and better things to come. With new perspective, with clear heart and mind, with enthusiasm. 

I'm grateful you're willing to take this journey with me, or just keep up with it online. 

I've always loved an adventure.