Don't Leave- Seven Lions

I’m a little obsessed with Ellie Goulding. And when I need a boost into the realm of getting my head out my ass or my brain out of my feelings- I blast this on repeat. I also REALLY like Powerful as well. It’s the next on the playlist.

I’m four days out of Rebellecon and I’m finally in a place where I feel I can actually have a conversation about it. Because I spent so much time discussing all of the ideas and knowledge bombs and experiences over the weekend that my brain literally felt like it couldn’t function. I had to take an aggressive self care day on Monday, where I lay in my pajamas all day, ate pizza in bed and binged the hell out of season three of DareDevil on Netflix. (Which I LOVE, but also struggle with because it’s really painful to watch Matt Murdoch get the shit kicked out of him in every single episode.) I can’t tell you the last time I purposely put myself in a place where I actively chose to do nothing.


RebelleCon taught me an incredible amount of lessons. From reinvigorating my faith in the business I am trying to build with Tequila & Deadlifts- to valuing myself and works. I found some ways to monetize things I do everyday for my clients, making it a simple and effective gift to them with some small effort on my part. I learned some tools to help streamline my business on the backend and ended up sharing some tools with our speakers that they’d never heard of.

Pia Silva, Priya Malani, Rhada Agrawal, Shannon Siriano, Dominique Broadway, Michelle Grant, Anika Horn, Jay Ell Alexander, Malikah Karim, Nikki Nash, and so many more - each of these women stepped up to impart their own stories and struggles and the wisdom of their successes. I shared my goals with so many women, I gave my elevator pitch and answered all the questions asked to me, over and over again. My jaw hurt from smiling so much, my chest was sore from the level of anxiety. It was validating to talk my plan out and ask for feedback and advice and also to see that in a lot of ways I’m ahead of the game.

If my only two barriers are paint clean up and painting to getting my doors open, then I’m much farther ahead than I thought. I’m working on Pia Silva’s Branding Mini Shrink to really focus on my touch points and continue to improve the message and focus of what Tequila & Deadlifts brings to the community. And Nikki Nash’s advice on getting paid for being your badass self comes with a whole workshop of self reflection that helps me move forward. And as I sit here right now, waiting for the next contractor to come by and give me a quote, I’m making sure I’ll do those things and that my gym will open in the right time.

The best part of Rebellecon is the amount of actionable advice that I received. Not just “You can reach your goals WOO” but actual, workable items that can get you to the next step. And most of it was manageable and not too much, just the right mix of exhilarating and nerve wracking. And it’s mostly nerve wracking because it requires you to be realistic, optimistic and actually DO THE DAMN THING. And taking that step is the part where people get stuck- they get stuck saying they want the dream but cant force themselves over the edge into the reality of it.

Reality means taking the risks, even if you fail. But believing that you won’t.

bus cards.png

I have ordered my business cards. And I’m building wish lifts of office furniture on amazon right now, because that’s the rational thing to do. And I’m hoping that my December 1st opening date is a reality too, because I won’t be handing these cards out for no reason.

Rebellecon was a real eye opener for me. It was a live wire into a tired soul and I highly suggest any woman looking to continue to improve her business or self work with any member of the Rebellecon community. My mom and I are headed to the next session in April. And we’ve set our own personal goals as well, to align with what we wish to do by that date. We’ll come with new updates and better realities. And make sure that we’ve taken more steps of action on our to-do list.


I’m ready to make big moves.